Should I ask for his number?

So I recently met this cute guy and we started talking more. First time we met he was changing his shirt right in front of me and I was like omg you gotta be kidding me... I started blushing cause he's pretty hot and muscular (we work for the same company) . Next time we see each other he was supposed to pick up some stuff and we started talking a bit more and he told me his name. Then time passes and he shows up again and I remembered his name so I was like hi ****... And he was like wow u remember my name and he also mentioned that it was sweet... I don't know maybe he's just being nice...

So I do find him very attractive seems like a really fun person to be around. How should I go about asking for his number without making it to obvious that I would like to get to know him better?


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  • Just ask him to join you somewhere after work. There you can open your phone to Contacts and ask him to fill in his info.

    • Yeah I'm pretty shy when it comes to stuff like that but what would be a good excuse to join me after work?

    • Going for a drink, going to the gym, walking a dog, picking out a gift for your brother, father or an uncle,

      I'm sure you can come up with more.

    • Thanks 😊

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  • It seems to me like he was being friendly towards you. However, ask his number it's not like you're going to lose anything if you do. As for "without making it obvious that I would like to get to know him better" part... well, that's sort of impossible. He will certainly be able to tell that you are interested in him. Unless of course you can find a work-related excuse to ask about his number.


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  • Seems like he was just being nice

    • thats what I was thinking too... But damn he's really cute lol

    • If he's interested he will most likely ask you out.

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