Is he serious or playing?

To make a long story short... the guys I've been dating is really bad wit his communication lately. He's been in a depressed state of mind and kind of stressed. I've been supportive, encouraging, and there whenever he needed me. Last weekend we got into a little disagreement because I felt like he's been neglecting me. He told me he wasn't and how he just haven't been himself lately and how he still love me and care about me. I completely felt like he was playing me and probably someone else caught his attention. I asked do he want to take a break and he said no I don't. I replied back saying well you're going to have to prove to me that you want me around because now I just feel like your pushing me away and that I'm not the only one. He never replied back to that and this took place last Saturday. I never reach out since things because I just needed space to clear my head and let him see how it feels to be without me for a couple of days. I normally check up on him throughout the days making sure he was good and if he needed anything but I stopped all that.

Yesterday he sent me message saying hello, I never responded, then I woke up to two missed calls from him around 1am. I was about to text him when I woke up but I didn't, a couple minutes later he texted me saying good morning. My thing is... is this him being sincere and trying to make an effort, or is he playing around? Because normally when this happens he'll be good with his commutation for a couple of days then go back to slacking so I don't really want to cave in this time. I'm standing my ground but what are some things I can do?


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  • I don't think he is