Guys, Does my best friend like me as something more than a friend?

n Wednesday I went to school and saw my best friend and I started walking with him he didn't know so I poked him and he looked at me a just gave me a note and it said we couldn't be friends because his mom thought we were going out he left before I could say anything I cried for over half of the day my ex saw me and was immediately asking questions and became concerned anyway yesterday he started to talk to me and said that his mom changed her mind and since then he's been different he had a soccer ball and we always play and at lunch we were playing and some kids came and tried to take it away so he picked it up I looked at him and held both my hands out so he could give me the ball at first he said no then I said please and he gave it to me and said 'i can't resist when u say please u say it so freakin cute' we hug a lot Han out a lot of course with my ex tho and my ex and him almost hate each other like as I they are fighting over something can someone tell me why?


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  • Seems plausible but you're 13, do you really need to be dating?