Guys, why do guys in relationships like other girls pics of big boobs or ass on social media? Do they not like their girlfriend anymore? Fantasy?

My boyfriend keeps liking girls pics who show their assets... Should i be concerned.. Or what is he doing? ... Thinking dirty thoughts as he sees it.. Fantasizing them? Whats the deal?


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  • They do it because they're dumb thirsty motherfuckers who don't mind jeopardizing their relationship. hahaha

  • Guys, like anyone can get bored of the same thing over and over again.

    • So are u saying.. he's looking for something else?

    • Not necessarily. It could mean that he is not 100% satisfied with what he has at the moment. It does not mean that he does not care about you, just that he wants to mix it up a bit. There are ways you can try to get more of his attention back on you.

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