Confused between two girls. Any suggestions for me?

So this all started about an year ago. Me and my girlfriend got into a fight and we were not talking. I was mad at her because she had lied to me. I wasn't thinking about getting Back together. Then i met this girl who was in my class. I was seeing her daily. I started liking her. After some months we became friends. I was falling for her even more. But then my girlfriend apologized and i don't know what and how we got back together again. But i still had feelings for the other girl so i felt like I'm cheating on my girlfriend so i told her everything. Ofcourse she was not happy to hear that. She was not talking to me for several days. She said that we aren't ment to be together. She would be happy if I'm happy with the other girl. Everything is distorted since then. I don't know what to do. I don't know if the other girl likes me or not. But she is really friendly towards me. She talks to me whenever she get a chance. I don't want to describe all the things baud maybe she likes me. On the other hand my girlfriend loves me. I know her since 5 years. She had left me before for another guy then left him too. Then she was with third guy who cheated her. Then she is with me again and now she says that she will never leave me and i trust her. I don't know why. My crush is better than my girlfriend (ofcourse otherwise i would have chosen my gf) i don't want to regret later about my decision. What should i do?


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  • Go your crush..
    1. She is better
    2. No history, fresh start