What should I message him?

Me & my friends with benefits (more than just sexual) are in what is essentially a relationship but without the label, exclusivity & obligations.
He has gone home to his parents for the weekend & I really want to message him but I don't want to bug him or be too clingy.
I know he messages some other girls & I don't mind but I don't want to be left behind because I can't keep up a conversation when he is away...
One girl is my ex-good-friend & I know she will be pulling out the banter & witty conversation!


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  • First of all, I think you need to talk to him about labelling it because jealousy will consume you. If you want to get his attention you could be flirty? I am not a girl obviously but id message stuff like
    "What do bras and panties have in common? I am not wearing either ;)"


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