He doesn't have to chase me anymore, but I want him to?

So the guy I like used to message me all the time, even weekends when he went home from uni.
We would have great conversations, all times of day, full of emojis.
Now he only really messages when needed, or when he is coming over or has something to say...
I know he messages other people, which is fine, but are they getting the fun conversations that we used to have?
He loves the chase but he doesn't have to do it anymore & that's the problem. I want him to but i'm also scared that if I pull back he won't chase.
So I guess my question is:
- How can we have fun conversations again?
- How can I get him to chase me again? e. g. how do I pull back?


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  • There is a point a which the 'chase' becomes utter frustration, when it has carried on for too long. I don't think this guy has any more energy or inclination left to 'chase' you.

    • Chasing is utter infuriating and time waster.

    • @Roostah
      Absolutely! Women who 'expect' to be chased, are usually not worth chasing. That time is better spent in pursuing someone else, who may be more [responsive.

  • "He loves the chase"

    You know this for sure or perceive it that way in your head?

    • Know it, plus he has also stopped putting in as much effort, but still enjoys the time we spend together

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