When can I tell him I love him?

I have been with a guy for 5 months and 5 months isn't a lot but i am soo in love with him and i just can feel that he feels the same and at nights like last night he was like you are the best , i like you and all im waiting for is i love you, i want to say it to him but i just dont know if i should say it first or he should say it?

And i also dont know if i have my period or not, i took a plan b pill three weeks ago and i was due on Monday but i had some bleeding on wensday - today and i dont know if its my period or not :S
i have taken two tests this week and they were all negative


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  • What prevents you from saying it? You have the right to be wrong you know? If you tell him you love him, it doesn't have to be for life. You love him then and there. It might be that you two are still on your honeymoon, but so what? These words won't kill you. Why should you wait for him to say it first? That's weird...


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  • At five months you can comfortably say I love you and be okay. Since you have been intimate with him it shoukd be fine as well. Plan B is only effective within the first 72 hours of unprotected sex. The best birth control effect of it is 2-6 hours after sex. To test for pregnancy, wait 5-10 days after a missed period as you could have late ovulation but also the hcg hormone will be stronger as well.

    • I took the pill like an hour after the condom broke. I tested for pregnancy to weeks after because the doctor told me to in order to be able to put in the cobber coil. Today was the fifth day so i took the pregnancy test and it was negative.. so is it my period?

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    • The thing that is worrying me is that the flow isn't as much as my usual periods and the cramps aren't bad.. soo i get worried

    • When you take plan B it is strong birth control so for this month you will have a much lighter flow and PMS as well.

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  • You can tell him you love him and also its period time


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  • Make him a romantic CD.

    Pick a couple of songs that show how you feel about him and send it to them. Make sure they're related to romance and love. He'll appreciate that you took the time to make such a thoughtful gift and he’ll definitely read between the lines.

    Good luck.

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