If you've been dating a great guy, does his physical attractiveness affect the chances you will invite him back to your house to potentially have sex?

I'm a nearly 30 year old guy, used to work in London city as a client relationship executive. I left my job earlier this year to move back in with my parents to care for my dad after an accident he had a couple of years ago (as my mum has had her hands full with my granddad).

So I've been dating a lot, I don't have many problems with getting dates - and all of my dates tend to go well, we build good rapport and often have repeat dates with kissing etc.

The problem is that since I can't invite the girl back to my parents house (for a few obvious and unobvious reasons)... I kind of have to wait for her to invite me in. I've had 5 or 6 dates with a few girls, who have all led me on and built up real sexual tension but seem to be hesitant to invite me back to their place - even though they are more than happy to kiss me and sometimes grope me in public.

I can't really afford a hotel room as I'm not working, and I've never enjoyed clubbing so I've not been sexually active for a few months now as a result, this was never a problem when I lived alone... has any one got any insight or advice? I'm so tired of blue balls and girls using me for an emotional sexless relationship.

I read somewhere that good looking guys get invited back more easily because the girl's housemates are more likely to fancy him, increasing her status in the house. I would say I was a 5 or 6, and I'm cool with that. It's relative anyway. I just wonder if this is the reason for my situation.


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  • I would never sleep with a guy unless he was already my boyfriend. But that's just me of course.

    • Thanks for your comment. Considering my situation I'm not looking for a serious relationship because I like to be a provider and old fashioned etc - but I was a bit depressed after I started living with my parents again and my doctor actually suggested that I should have more sex hahaha :D so maybe I should get him to write me a note and I can bring it on my dates hahaha