Am I being Overly Sensitive?

I'm a relationship with a person I've dated before, but we broke up rather abruptly because neither of us were ready for a long term commitment. But we are together now & happily in love.

This is week though, he's been stressed at work & had to cancel plans & we haven't talked much & I'm worried that maybe he's thinking of leaving again, despite all of our interactions have been affectionate and loving. Am I worried over nothing? And how do I move forward without worrying so much?


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  • You are just being paranoid. Wait until his workload becomes manageable again, and hopefully things will be back to how they were!


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  • If this is an isolated incident I wouldn't be concerned. He's most likely busy with work just like he said. Give him some space do t add to the stress.

    • Thanks!

      I think I'm just worried because of how things went before & it's been a rough week for me as well. I've been kind of leaving him to his own devices & keeping up with my writing & working, etc. I know I obviously have trust issues to work on, but before this he's been nothing but sweet. I guess I need to learn to chill. Lol.

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