What should I do?

i want to ask this girl out. I haven't asked any girl out before. I'm not sure if she's taking to anyone. I don't think she's seeing any one. We've texted and Facebook messaged. She also a member of my fire department and captains daughter. Should I message her asking if she's seeing anyone or just ask her out? Also our state fair just started would that be a good idea to ask her to?


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  • I don't think she will appreciate it that much if you do it through texting. Maybe you should ask her out face to face.

    • I plan to. You have any advice to make sure I don't end up in the friend zone

    • There is no such thing. If she is not attracted to you, she is going to reject you no matter what you do.

    • Thanks for the help

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  • Asking her if she's seeing anyone, is not such a good idea because a lot of girls deem it inappropriate.
    Just ask her out, because if she is seeing someone else, she's obviously let you know about this and decline your offer.

    • What's the best way to ask her out? I don't want to sound or be put asking like a friend.

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    • What do you do to ask them?

    • I have only asked out ONE girl in my life, and she rejected me. That was around a year ago. She gave dropped all the hints, and even went as far as saying that I am the 'perfect boyfriend material'. I replied 'ok then, why don't we catch up and get to know each other?" to which she said "I'm sorry, I just said you're the perfect boyfriend material. But that doesn't mean I am physically attracted to you".