Girls, Nude photos to a relationship?

I have a long distance relationship. I have a good body, and was thinking about sending my girlfriend some nude pics.

how would be the best way to do this?


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  • Only do this if she hinted she wants it. Nothing is worse for a girl than unwanted nude shots. I agree to go for shirtless instead.

    • Interesting... Have you gotten unwanted ones? While in a relationship?

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    • Well you need to remember I am a bit older, so my opinion might not be as valued.

      I would lose a smidge of respect for him. He is a very good looking guy, he has a beautiful body, but I just wouldn't appreciate that. It is... well, almost low class, to put it bluntly, if I didn't ssy I wanted that. That's just my opinion on it, though.

    • Interesting... I appreciate your opinion

  • Send a beach or shirtless photo first. See how she responds
    If you send nudes never include your face

    • Makes sense with the shirtless photo. I think I will include my face if I do a nude though. I was thinking go big or go home?

    • Just remember it will be out there for all eternity