How true is my analysis of this situation?

So I really like this girl right now. But I found out from her friends that she's not into dating at the moment.

Here's the thing. I personally think that it's bullshit. I have dealt with friends who are girls who says that they didn't want to date and then a month later they got a new boyfriend. In my opinion, it's not that she doesn't want to date. It's just that she hasn't found the right guy yet despite being asked on dates by multiple guys. We are all within our early 20s and we all want to date. Sure there might be trauma in our lives from past relationships that might make it hesitant for us but if we find the right person, we would fall for that person. So basically I'm not the right guy for her and I'm sure that within the next month or so, the right guy that she finds cute and makes her laugh and stuff will swoop her right up.


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  • I think it's true that for a lot of people, "I don't want to date" is a euphemism for "I don't want to date until the right person comes along"). But I have also encountered a few people who know who the "right person" in their lives is, but have just decided it isn't the right time, e. g. because they know they're about to move halfway across the world.

    Besides, who's to say that you're not the "right person" for her? Maybe she just hasn't decided on it yet.


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  • Talk to her.


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