Do girls like older looking guys?

People tell me I look mid twenties when I'm actually 22. My face looks more matured and my body definitley looks more mature because I used to lift so much and have a lot of muscle development. They say it's the way I carry myself too. I don't know I get inscecure about it sometimes I rather look younger tbh.


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  • You are lucky. Im so tired of this baby face lol


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  • Women generally find men at their prime physical attractiveness between the ages of late twenties and mid thirties. The reason that you would prefer to look younger is that you carry your own masculine expectations about what is attractive into your perception of what you think women find attractive. Looking older is no problem at all, as women are less visually stimulated than men (although do have higher expectations in terms of hygiene and grooming).

    Women are more attracted to abstract concepts such as maturity and experience, so associate these turn-ons to more mature masculine features. Looking older will not be a problem for you for quite a long time, so don't sweat it!

    • I think it's because I'm restarting undergrad college and all these guys are mostly 18/19 years old. Feel out of the loop.

    • Always better to be different! You can stand out from the rest. Women are always looking for the different guy. Use your extra experience, cultural knowledge and maturity to work in your favour and the girls will be all over you bro.