I am worried the guy I have been dating for about 2 months now is playing me like a fiddle... what are some red flags to look for if I am?


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  • Do you know his friends or family? If you don't know are have not been introduced to his social circle or family that is a huge red flag.

    Do you know where he lives and works or goes to school, have you seen them?

    Are communications regular or does he disappear?

    Does his life seem overly simple without explanation or overly complex with lots of explanations, either is a bad sign sometimes.

    Do you feel like a there is balance in the relationship, I you are both putting in the same amount?

    There is no cut and dry way to know for sure until you have been played and discover it.


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  • There are way too many to list that would differ depending on the situation. Why don't you give us a bit of background story about this guy as well as your relationship and how it's been so far. Then say what he's been doing that makes you think he's playing you 'like a fiddle' and I can tell you if it's something to keep your eye on or not.


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JuK1Yr35Io

    I mean, honestly, that's gonna change a lot person to person, and he could simply losing interest or getting comfortable...
    Anyways, key things might be just avoiding you or being vague and keeping secrets. I don't know you know him better then us, I'm not gonna get you paranoid


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