What should I do about my male colleague?

So i got transferred to a job for my university last week, and i met a guy who works with me, named george. He makes me laugh, we always flirt and have a laugh , he's always the first to approach me, and i feel bad but i can't help but feel nervous around him, i genuinally believe i like him. Dating is no problem in our work place because half of our team are either married or in a relationship, so its good to know it isn't frowned upon.

whenever he isn't working he comes in the store and says "hello natalie, you're looking beautiful today" and i never know how to react because due to my own insecurity i dont know if he means it or not. last week i gave him a tip on how to make himself feel better, and he messaged me on facebook (when he had wifi) why dont you just come over and look after me you beauty :) we have these little moments, and when i rolled in the store drunk and pointed him out to my friend saying "thats him" he was like "thats him? good things i hope " so i laughed and then asked " why didn't you reply to my facebook message" *sigh* he said he can't afford internet , so he only gets wifi when he's in town, via the store, thats how he messaged me previously. whenever im near him e. g if he's on tills, and i need glasses, ill bend over next to him to pick up some glasses from the tray underneith the tills and he'll place his hand on my back , little things like that, just touching me when it isn't necessary.

but that isn't the point, i dont know what to do, i like this guy and i dont know how to approch it, my manager whos close with him says that he thinks george would go for me and that it will happen.. but i dont know, my housemates suggested i ask him out for a casual drink, but its just finding the confidence, im so scared of rejection! how do i ask a guy on a date LOL!


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  • I would be seriously surprised if he said he was not interested in going out with you.


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