Help getting past this?

So I told my close friend I liked her a few months ago, she said she didn't feel the same. I explained I wouldn't show her as much attention because I needed to get over this confusion and that treated special because of how I felt, she went away for a while and we didn't speak much I felt like I was getting over her and it was fine. When She got back I started seeing her again abit she said she's how we've not been speaking as much or seeing each other and is sad that were not as close friends anymore and she's worried that I don't care about her anymore. When I do, I'm just trying to not care so much! Anytime I go out with her I feel the feelings coming back. I can't seem to get over her unless I just completely don't see her but I don't want that she's a good friend. So what am I supposed to do?



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  • You should probably get involved with more girls. You will eventually meet someone you like more than her.

    • easier said than done

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