Dating a quiet/shy girl, how to get her to open up?

I've been talking to this girl for 3 weeks now, we've been on 3 dates and we pretty much text everyday. I sense that she's really shy and quiet though. I text a lot and talk a lot but she seems very quiet. How could I get her to open up? Should I just disregard her texting and focus more on face to face interactions?


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  • I am a shy girl and I don't open neither. So I think that what you should do to help her be more comfortable about talking with you would be to not change your way of speaking or the tone of your voice when you are with her. That would remind her constantly about her shyness.
    Avoid talking about private things (such as sexuality or whatever), you could start hinting them when you feel she is more comfortable.
    Show her that you are interested in what she has to say. Ask her questions to make her speak and then comment on what she has said by showing enthusiasm. Show her that she is not judged with you.
    You can also open up about yourself just a little (I insist on just a little otherwise it would be awkward) to show her that you are comfortable with her so so should she.

    And finally, just acknowledge the fact that it might take a lot of time for her to open up to you. Some people do not realise how difficult it is and sometimes even painful to simply express yourself with someone...


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  • Get her in one-on-one conversations in a private place and get her to talk about herself. Find out what she feels passionate about and get her to talk about that.


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  • Basically I think that she needs to feel that she trusts you. She might have been hurt before and is kinda afraid to be hurt again. Shy and quiet can also be a part of her personality, but a girl needs to feel safe and comfortable around guy to open up, she has to know that she can be herself when she's with you. If she can't, she'll stay the same


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