Is he trying to rub it in my face that he's going out?

I've talked to this guy online every day for a year. We are flirty and it's sort of known that there's some interest from both of us. We only hung out once though and really we could have managed to meet a good deal more if he made an effort. That aside, whenever he goes out somewhere he sends me a random looking picture of something from where he is, and doesn't say much or anything along with it. It frustrates me because it makes me feel like he's rubbing it in my face that he's going places and spending time with people other than me. I don't get why he sends me these random pictures. Am I looking at it the wrong way?


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  • I don't really see what he would gain from doing this if the intention is to rub it in your nose.

    • Only thing I could think of is that he is trying to avoid telling me he is no longer interested and instead trying to just give signs like this instead, to intentionally bother me. I don't get why someone would send pictures of things from where they went out to (even a friends house sometimes) to someone who has asked that person to get together again multiple times, and they avoided making concrete plans. Seems obvious that showing all of these pictures from going out would make the other party bothered that they still hadn't gone out with them again...

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    • I had a feeling it was me overthinking things/being crazy. I appreciate the help... And now that you mention it, though we do interact daily, it's mostly him initiating, so maybe he is looking for me to start talking to him by sending the pictures.

    • It may also be that since he is always the one initiating, he feels like you are not that interested in having conversations. How can he make you understand that he is still there craving your attention while not looking desperate and making you angry if you don't want to talk to him? How about sending you pictures of interesting places he went and interesting people he met. This way, he's telling you he has interesting stories to tell you without pushing them on you and he reminds you he exists and is willing to talk. All without getting on your nerves if you are not interested.

      I think you would have a problem if he stopped sending you pictures at all. That would mean he has given up...

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