How can a guy like me get a gf?

i'm fat, i'm 5'7 (205 lbs) i'm indian and i'm shy but i like white girls first an foremost i'm in a country where u barely see any, some that do come are with either black guys who went away and sometimes indain guys but they are usually slim and in good shape, also the few that do visit are either here from germany for prostution or just visiting but besides that point i say i'll go America and get one and make my parents proud etc but again back to the point while i'm here i would like to get to know some indian girls also because i am attracted to them but even here i'm shy and can't et girls.
They don't give me the attention at all an most of the time they go with jerks etc and a lot of indain girls even go with black guys so it's like almost everyone got somebody but me it makes me sad seeing these girls and knowing i can't get any (local i'm talking about sicne i'm here i might as well try )


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  • there is hope for you. take a look at this guy and his wife

    • my cousin is shorter than me an darker he is also indian an not in the best shape but he is different from me he is him an i'm me and he always had lots of American girls he's married to a half German, Half Irish American girl right now an everyone in our family thinks he's king but me now when will i be successful? i am struggling here locally

  • Lose weight. Also, take your fedora off and quit being a "niceguy".

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