Asking out a woman you do not really know. Are flowers and cards creepy or bad?

I'd like to hear from women primarily. I have had very mixed responses from friends, male and female of mine.

I'm 25, and work two jobs - this may clear up my situation a little more.

I've been debating if I should or how I should ask out this beautiful lady I know for a little while. I take martial arts class and well I am very interested in one of the instructor I see regularly. We know each other by name and are acquainted, so I'm not a complete stranger. There's not a lot room for casual talk due to the way the schedules and classes are. So its basically - a greeting, maybe some talk, class, get out and let the next class in. And between my two jobs I don't always see her or end up missing her class and she's pretty much wrapped up and leaving or gone for the day by the time I show up (recent schedule changes have also insured I'm not gonna make her class often as well.)

You can probably tell where this going. I don't want to ask and have it come off as weird since I don't know her too well or god forbid creepy.

I've had half a mind to send her some flowers with a card saying that I think she's gorgeous or some other compliments and that while we don't know each other all that well, I'd to get to know her and if she's interested maybe we can go out for coffee or dinner.

So from the women. What do you think or recommend? Yay? Nay?

And be honest please, is the flower and card idea bad or even worse just creepy? That's the last thing I want to do to this woman.


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  • I think the flowers and card are over the top and I'd feel a bit awkward and smothered if I received that from a guy I hardly knew. Just say straight out "would you get a coffee with me when you are free?" Make it casual and she will. comfortable that you aren't coming on too atrong. If a guy just asked me that I would automatically think he's interested. You sound like you really like her but her interest in you might be a lot lower so you have to find out how she feels. If you force it too quickly she will feel pressured and run but if you just push it along a little at a time and see her reaction then her feelings may develop over time as she gets to know you..


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  • Just talk to her. You don't need flowers or cards.