Does this guy really like me? (Long explanation, would appreciate any response thanks!)?

I've been talking to this guy for a few weeks now and I just wanted some input if you think this guy is into me or not. I've never been in a serious relationship so I really don't know what it's like. For starters, I meet him on campus one day I was with a group of friends waiting in line he was sitting there by himself, he started asking us questions about how long we knew each other if we were commuter students and such. Weeks later (maybe two) I was walking back to my room after class and he was coming the opposite direction of me, he stopped me and said something along the lines of "I've been hoping to see you around campus for the longest time, that day we talked I thought you were cute and thought I would see you around but I never did until now long story short he got my number and we've been "talking" for a few weeks now. We have had sex, but only once. And we don't really talk about sex really. He's told me multiple times whenever we're just laying down watching tv or cuddling that he likes me (but guys will say anything so I'm not sure). He's introduced me to his girl best friend and I've been around his roommate and other friend occasionally. We don't really hang out besides our rooms, we usually are in class or he has work until night and neither of us have a car to go off campus. But we're fine just hanging out together. If we see each other in between classes he'll come up to me and give me a hug and we'll chat a little bit but nothing major. We're both not really into texting so our text messages are sometimes vague but we do text each other good morning and ask how each other's day is going. The first night I spent over in his room (we didn't not have sex) was a good one we just cuddled and went to sleep to be honest. The next night I had class early so I didn't come over but he called me to tell me how he "just wanted me by his side" and the. He texted me that his sheets smelled like me. Is this guy feeling me? Could this potentially be something?

Also he always makes jokes about me having a long list of guys I probably talk to outside of him even though he's asked and I've told him I'm not going to do that while I'm talking to him. Even though he's joking why does he keep saying things like that? Is it because he has other girls? I can never get the courage to ask him in return the same questions he ask me because I don't want to see controlling or needy or scare him off.


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  • yes! he's just not brave enough to tell you!!!