Why won't he tell me?

My boyfriend and i have been together 4 years and are 24 and 28 and he still won't tell me how many girls he has slept with in the past i dunno why u think he would trust me after this amount of time? Its been 4 years.


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  • If he's anything like me, when I comes to a girl he actually cares for its not a proud light to stand in. You could almost say it feels shameful.

    I have a pretty high number (at least I think, its over 20 or over 25), and about three threesomes with girls.

    It was from a time where I was single after serious relationship split and did not give a single shit about anything I did and really I went through a lot women and one night stands.

    Then you meet someone you actually want to impress and be amazing to. Its a bit hard to look your partner in the eye and say you used to run through women like a pre-teen runs through porn in his first month of discovery.


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  • He just doesn't want you to judge him based on his past. I think it's better to let it go. You don't really have to know the exact number. It should not matter to you.

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