He gave me his number, when should I contact him?

So, a guy I have been talking to (not that much just few times a week) gave mi his number. When should I contact him.

Our convo was like:
Blah, blah, blah..
Me: When are my swimming classes?
Him: Do you have my number?
Me: No
Him: Oh, that's why.
*Gave me his card*

Previous info if needed: (Is he being friendly or maybe wants more).

So I have been single for four years now and the last time I flirted was five years ago so I'm not sure about this.

Few weeks ago I met a guy (he is older than me for 17 years, divorced), he started to talk to me, I don't know how but he asked me if I knew how to swim. I told him that no. He said I should learn.

Few days later he asked me if I searched for classes and I told him I did but didn't find any classes.

Couple of days after that he asked me again but this time he added that he was a instructor and also lifeguard.

Then I saw him and again he asked me but this time I went ahead and say "When the classes start?" He told me to set a day but I told him he was the boss (he has a busy schedule).

Is he being flirty or friendly?


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  • You won't really know until you go to his (1on1?) swim class.


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