How to deal with life after a woman makes a guy in the work place look like he's been harassing her…even though he never did…?

its long story, but this guy originally tried making a woman feel better about herself... she thought he was hitting on her, flirting with her. he wasn't. for 6 months after that, the woman is constantly hovering around him, starign at him without blinking... just constantly trying to get his attention. after 6 months, the guy gets fed with it and decides to approach and talk things out... during the 6 months the 2 were being rude to one another, giving eachother their backs... just being rude. the guy tries talking things out, she reports it... long story short, the guy is looked at like the bad guy. even though all he tried doing was talking things out. the guy leaves the job, stands his ground even when noone believes him and leaves...

has anyone experienced something like this? what did you do?

even if you haven't, what would u do?


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  • I would stay out of it since you don't know both sides of the story

    • thats really good. i wish people would've done that in this situation instead of just siding with her, believing everything she said and completely shrugging off what i said…it was just crazy…i mean this happened back in march and i can't stop thinking abut it...

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    • this was a part time job...

    • Glad she got away from you

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