Would you date someone who goes to the same church as you?

I'm just curious because I know a couple who met at the church I visit and now they are married. Also I just saw a YouTube video where another couple who I don't know said they met at church

I'm not looking to date but personally I don't think I would want to date anyone at a church

although I really like this church and I'm thinking about joining it will only be because I like the church but that's it. Lol

But I think it's sweet that some people meet at church


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  • Yes, I am dating a girl from church right now and it's great!

    • Thanks for MH! But now to be honest it is a bit awkward to be honest that we have broken up and she is mad at me, and I still see her like twice a week at church events. But it's all good.

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  • As I don't go to church it is a bit irrelevant


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