He says he loves me and cares about me, he's in the marines? Preferably people that are familiar with military men/military life?

I believe him. But how do you know if someone really loves you? Also I sent him a care package I decorated it and everything I put a "Open When" note/letter. It's a perfect package! Do guys like getting packages? Or could it be too much? I texted him saying don't be busy later, and he said "Im gonna be!" because I wanted to Skype. He knew I did. We are in long distance. We've known each other for a while but I haven't seen him in a while. We are both 19. He sent me a braclet before and a note with it. So I don't think a package is bad... I just made it so perfect. It might be too much lol.

What do y'all think?
Thanks y'all for your advice!


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  • The best advice that I can give you is.

    1. That means he really means it and also mean to please not ever ever cheat on him as much as you miss him and want him to be next to you you should never cheat on him because he over there fighting for his life and fighting for our country.

    2. now that you started sending him packages he's going to know that you still believe in Him and that you still love him and want to be with him no matter what happens always remember that he will always come back to you and only you and don't ever think that he's cheating because sex is not allowed they don't put Women in the battlefield with men.

    • decorating the package means a lot means that you care about him still and that you still think about him. he's not always going to free to talk because he is going to be busy. So it's going to be like once in a blue will see him and that's the truth. depending on the job that he has in the military

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    • ? I have one more question.
      my question is what boot camp is he located in?

    • if you ever need any help you can hit me up in my Inbox with any question. and sorry I fell asleep I went to sleep like around as soon as Jimmy Fallon show finishso I guess you could say I fell asleep like midnight and just woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning

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  • If he likes you, he will appreciate your gift a lot. I think it's very sweet what you're doing for him.