How to compete with an aggressive female guys?

There is a new atty. in our officethat I was assigned to. Were both young and he's super cute. We hit it off immediately, and he dropped several hints that he was interested. But I shyed away some and didn't really acknowledge his advances. I told him in conversation one day that I wanted to go to New Orleans for Halloween/my bday and he said he wanted to go with me. I messed up and said let's make it a group thing bc it felt like a lot of pressure. Meanwhile this chick who's 10 years older has been doing everything she can to get his attention. Inviting him to lunch, running in his office and giving him her number. She cuts into our convos about cases to talk about herself and is really coniving. My coworker asked if we were still all going to Nola and he seemed offended and flaked. I asked him again if he wanted to go us two and he said we could come to a party his brother was throwing. I asked him who y'all was and he said you or and whomever I wanted to bring. Is it too late, did I burn the bridge or if not how can I grab him back?


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  • You better snatch him fast. Sounds like that other girl is pulling out all the brakes. It's not too late but your'e gonna have to do something. A guy isn't going to chase a girl he thinks doesn't want him.

    • What do you suggest? Say on Monday, how do I snatch him?

    • Just ask him out on a date. "Hey (his name), would you like to go out with me on (pick the date and time) and (the activity)?"

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