What should I do about my crush? Glances but neither smiles or looks away?

I called the guy who I'm going to talk about my "crush" for the sake of getting my point across but really, I don't necessarily like-him-like-him, I'm just really attracted to him and I want to get to know him. He is a very good-looking football player, the type of guy who most girls agree that he's handsome but the thing is, I'm not just attracted to his looks. I love the way he carries himself and the way he treats others. Keep in mind that all of these are from my observations and I've never talked to him.
Being the shy girl that I am, I just assumed that me and him are never going to happen but then I caught him glancing at me a few times and every single time when he saw that I've caught him, he wouldn't break eye contact or look away but he wouldn't smile at me either and I really don't know what that means. At first I thought that he might've just been accidentally looking at me but if that was the case why doesn't he look away? What does this mean? And generally how can I attract him? Is there any way that I can perhaps encourage him to approach me? It's just that I'm really shy at first so I'm not very good at initiating conversations but once I get over that phase, I can be very fun to be around lol.

by the way he's a senior and I'm a junior and we only have one class together.


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  • To me it seems like he's observing you like you're observing him!!! I would initiate conversation by maybe asking him to explain something on your homework you understand already! Not playing dumb by any means, but starting conversation, and if you turn out to be more than friends, tell him that you knew what you were doing but ou wanted to talk to him! I'm shy too... Like extremely... I don't speak unless spoken to until I warm up to someone! And I'm telling you, its nerve wracking but it works! That's how I got my current boyfriend!