Meeting friends on a third date?

Hey everyone!

I have a question.
I've met a girl, and we've had two dates so far. Both have been out for drinks, we've kissed at the end of both, and have been texting more or less daily inbetween.

Things are going well, it seems. Now third date, and this one needs to be special, something exciting and fun.

She was into horseback riding when she was a kid, and my two best friends own a horse a bit outside the city, at a ranch where they do classes etc. I thought it would be fun to take her there, get a class from one of my friends (she's a riding teacher) and such. I think my date would enjoy it, and she'd meet at least one of my two best friends (they're married so there'd be no weirdness there).

But is it weird and too early to have one of my friends with us half of a third date?
Should I plan for something else instead?


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  • No that's not weird at all. It sounds like a very thoughtful and well planned date and it's not like you two will never be able to spend some time alone. You could always go for a drink somewhere afterwards or hang out alone later. Meeting friends by the third is fine too. Good luck for the date :)


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