Girls, would it be weird to ask my real-life friend out via a Facebook message?

I know this girl, and we see each other fairly regularly. I want to ask her out, however, due to circumstances (such as never being able to get her alone) I haven't been able to do this, and I know there is a place that she wants to check out but has no one to go with.

We message fairly regularly on Facebook too. Would it be weird if I asked her out via a Facebook message, even in this day and age?

Would the following be an appropriate message?

"Hey! I know you have exams coming up soon and I just want to wish you luck with them! I'm sure you'll do well.

Also, we should go to <insert venue>, perhaps on <insert day/time> after exams? I know you're keen on going, so I'm offering to 'take' you! :) (I'd prefer to ask you in person but haven't had the opportunity)"


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What Girls Said 2

  • No that's not weird at all! In fact if that has been the platform used to talk on then it's very appropriate to ask her that way. Your message sounds very perfect and can't find flaws in it. Well done and good luck :)

  • No, I think that's fine. It's only weird to ask someone out via Facebook message if you have never spoken or never message each other that way.