Should I be worried?

My boyfriend and I have been together for abut three years now. Since July, we have been having long distance relationship.
Last month, his rooomate posted photo of his bday party ath their apt on fb.
It was him, my boyfriend, 4 other guys, and one girl. I am not sure if the girl is bday boy's / guy's friend.
The girl was only in group photo with everyone (she was sitting next to my bf) and photo with my boyfriend alone.
I am little bit worried that he has another girlfriend... am I being just paranoid?


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  • You are just paranoid!

    Ask yourself how many times you or one of your girl friends has been hanging with a guy friend like that. Now count how many times that would bave left them single if their guy (asuming they had one) broke up over it.
    The answer will most likely leave you feeling like a fool. Because you realized you took a normal event and asumed he was cheating.

    Seriously, aren't we allowed to have girl friends now?


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  • Probably just paranoid, i mean why wouldn't he have other girls as friend? Perfectly normal right?

    Doesn't mean at all that he is making moves on her.

  • Either he's a dumbass or she's just a friend.


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  • She may be a good friend to everyone at your SO's party.
    However, of course, with LDR, you have every right to Be... Worried.
    I believe that being his bud 'Posted photo' of the event, that if there was More in store, he would not have done this, instead would have been the party pooper who would not Have... Posted.
    Talk to your soul mate and find what what is up with the roomate, the pix he Took and the situation here at hand that may have Been... Mistook.
    Good luck. xx

  • You are being paranoid! Unless his behavior has changed then I doubt he's living a second life. You should trust him especially if you are going to be in a long distance relationship.

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