Guys, is he interested in more than friends?

So latley, I've been talking to this guy. We've hung out a few times and I'm starting to like him. I thought he liked me too, he asks me to hang out a lot, he always texts first, he's introduced me to some friends and his parent, he asks me to sit with him and whenever we hang he texts me later and tells me he has fun. But I can't help but notice that he hasn't tried to make a move on me or anything ( ex. Hold my hand, hug me or even really compliment me etc) and I can't help but feel that maybe he doesn't feel the same or is just interested in being friends? The other day I called him cute and then asked him what he was doing and he just ignored that and went on with the conversation? I like him a lot at this point and I just don't know what I should do so I was hoping to get some opinions. Thankyouu


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  • Just take things slow. I do think he likes you as friend. But maybe he is not ready to take things to the next level. Give it time and don't rush it. He enjoys your company and seeing you. That is a good start.