Girls wow be honest?

I met an amazing girl and we started dating/having sex. She wanted something serious but i wasn't mentally ready for that (just broke up with my last gf). I guess this new girlfriend got tired of me not being serious and she left. She got herself a new men but we kept it cool. Just recently i tried contacting her and we had a talk. I invited her out to dinner and she said "how soon should i let you know if i can or can't"? i said this weekend sat or sun works. She said "Ok i will let you know". The weekend came and i didn't hear back from her. I should have sent her a message but she said she will lmk herself.

I feel like since i was the one who wasn't being serious/playing around i must show her mad attention or should i just let this one go?


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  • Let IT Go and Let Her go as well, @mike2b2... This ship has now sailed.
    Good luck. xx

  • If you are ready for something more serious than you should definitely go after and show her that you're ready. If not, then let her move on and find somebody who is. But keep in mind that 'amazing' people don't come by often.


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