I can't handle these mixed messages?

He's giving me mixed messages...
He says he really likes me & he stays over every night.
We have a lot of sex, but we will watch movies together & things.
The other day he said he couldn't wait to come back from the library & just hang out with me, that scared him.
He messaged me throughout the day when he was here at uni & last night he messaged me when he got back to his parents house (but we didn't have a conversation because he was tired)
I sent him a message today & only got a smiley back (I didn't reply).
Then I messaged him tonight & haven't got a reply.

I want him to actually have a want to talk to me & find me interesting, but I feel like sometimes i'm just not worth his time...

Also, the other weekend when he went home he was messaging me all night & starting a new conversation when I didn't respond. This was even when he was out. I just don't understand the change...


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  • I'd say he likes you but you should probably allow him to breathe from time to time. He probably wants to spend some time alone sometimes and that should be understandable from your point of view.
    Don't send him another message, let him reach you this time.

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