Girls would you go back to your ex?

So me and my ex broke up 5 months ago,... reason for our breakup was that I had a problem with his preference or the fact we didn't spend enough time cause he was always at work... now due to my stupid insecurities I asked him if he though his preference was better/prettier than me, he sad some are and continued on saying there are some girl prettier than you and that he likes a lot of other things besides me,, but he said it did not matter cause he was with me, but I actually felt crushed... and he would always be at work and I felt lonely 90% of the time... but now that life got better for me, better job and money and finally got a car my insecurities faded away,...

but now that we are together I still feel crushed buy his words on the inside out,... apart from this our sex life is amazing and he is patient and nice but his words still make me feel ugly towards him although I'm back to being my old self again...

if you were in my shoes how would you feel about this situation?


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    • so many people do though... some of them actually work better the 2nd time

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  • I mean yes its horrible to feel that you're not the light of his eye, however he was being honest, have you ever saw a guy more attractive than him? Probably, but it's all the characteristics looks in one that make him him and you you, and why you guys prefer each other. If you can't move on from the hurtful words then you won't anytime soon, so think about it long and hard and if you feel ugly towards him, you're only going to start to resent him. Which leads to obviously an unhealthy bitter relationship x

    • Would you go back jf you were in my shoes?

    • I mean, no not really, I would feel unhappy to be honest and I know if I wasn't the happiest then, I won't be the happiest in the future x

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  • Do not go back to him. Don't do do-overs when it comes to guys. It never ends well and you just end up feeling foolish as well as wasting your time.