I'm so confused about a guy I'm talking to?

I have been talking and meeting up with this guy for a month and three weeks now but I don't understand his intentions. First two weeks, we get to know each other and we try to get emotionally closer to each other. On our second date we kissed. I start to feel something for him on the third week. I tell him I am not sure if he is interested in me and he keeps saying yes. He tells me though that he is having some financial difficulties. I understood him and we continued dating. I talked to him yesterday about what he is feeling for me. He said he thinks I'm amazing and special but that he is not ready to be official yet. He says though that he wants to keep dating me. I'm just afr it might not work. I mean it is going to be two months soon.


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  • Never, ever date a guy with "financial difficulties". He is a loser. Find a guy who can take care of himself and you.


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