How would you feel if a girl made the first move and kissed you first?

I want to kiss my crush but I have a fear of rejection. We've been talking as friends and slightly flirty, there is def some interest between us. We've been talking for two months now and I kind of want to take a chance and make the first move since I've never kissed a guy first (for the first kiss). In your opinion, would you feel weird if the girl kissed you first? If you only saw her as a friend do you feel that this would ruin the friendship or do you think after apologizing you two could remain friends?


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  • It would be nice and flattering but if he doesn't see you in that way then if anything you tried and should still be able to be friends but he will always know how you feel towards him

  • its cool man. i've told girls to

    • What if you don't like them in that way? Would that ruin the friendship?

    • dude you realize these are all the questions that go through guys heads? but we have to suck it up and take a chance at making an ass out of ourselves every time otherwise we'll be alone forever

      you are just beginning to taste the tip of the iceberg on what its like to be a man

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