So there's this guy I like, but I'm too scared to speak to him. What do I do?

So there's this guy I like, he's in the same year as me, but I never speak to him. Earlier this year, he had a crush on my best friend, but moved on and I keep catching him looking at me too. Another thing, the other day my other best friend messaged him over Facebook and she told him that I said "hi" and he replied with "wait oh hi" like he was shocked or something. I think he got the hint I like him though because yesterday I was talking to my friend and he came round the corner and I stopped mid sentence and looked at him and he looked at me and then I continued to talk but laughed nervously and he heard me.

I don't know if he likes me back though, he does look at me a lot in the lesson I have with him and I find it so hard to talk to people. What do?


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