How do I get her back?

so I met this girl 4 months ago. And at the beginning she really liked me we went out like every weekend, but toward the middle she started kinda beeing standoffish. And now we text like 1 once a week, but we go out often. I do admit that I went in too clingy, and maybe that's why our relationship is kind of fading. She now text me kinda like a guy, like "that's what up" "damn that's crazy". My question is how do I get her to like me again? She doesn't seem to be dating but I'm sure she text and flirt with other guys. She also We aren't official but I would like her to be my girlfriend.


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  • Do the opposite of clingy. Stand offish, busy with OTHER people, distant, etc. it's your only shot now that you e already shown clingy. If you are so desperate to have us, you must not have anything else going on, so why would we want you?

    • Thanks for the advice. The thing is she also works a lot. She graduated college and doesn't go to school, the only person she goes out with is her BFF. Same for me. She always agrees to go out.

    • Not really sure how any of that is relevant.

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  • Having this same problem with an ex.. known each other since December.. Basically dated for 4-6 months.. It was great at first.. but then we broke up a month ago.. I became too clingy. and even after the breakup I've been a little clingy... YOU HAVE to do what I'm trying to do.. basically not talk to her unless if she talks to you.

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