Guys, is he letting me down easy or just taking it slow?

I started talking to a guy online about 2 weeks ago. He messaged me and the conversation has been steady and good. We have a lot in common. He suggested we meet up for coffee when I was near him last weekend but I was too busy. So we made plans this week to meet on Friday night (last night). We met at a neutral location - coffee house - talked for awhile and then went to a haunted house. We went to a bar after and had one drink and watched the band for a bit. He payed for everything. The evening went well and the conversation was good. We laughed a lot. At times it seemed like he was trying to make the night last longer. But he didn't really try and touch me or kiss me or anything. He did lean in close to me and rub up against me/talk in my ear a lot at the bar while we watched the band play. He talked about going to another haunted house and he even suggested he could work out with me sometime. But no definite future plans were made. I still haven't even given him my # (although I would really like to now). At nights end he gave me a friendly hug and said he had fun and would keep in touch. I don't think he's shy, he maintained eye contact all night. I thought maybe he just wasn't that interested. But he messaged me when he got home saying : Thanks for hanging out tonight! I had an awesome time and you're super cool. Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow, it's well deserved. Nite :) I don't know if it matters but I'm in my late 20's and he's in his early 30's. I'm trying not to be an obsessive girl here but I think I could really like this guy. If he's not into me I'd rather know right now before investing anymore time. Where do I stand? Help?

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  • "He didn't really try and touch me or kiss me or anything." : Trying to kiss you or touch you is a bit too risky for him. He could lose you after making this single move. It is normal for a guy not to attempt this stunt.

    "I still haven't even given him my #" : He did not ask you for your number? Why didn't you make an offer to give it to him?

    Why don't you contact him some day and take the initiative to ask him out? Just tell him that you found him interesting and would like to meet again. If he pulls the busy card and did not attempt to reschedule, then he is likely not interested.

    • That day he found found/added me on Facebook and messaged me again. I did give him my number and we are still talking. No definite plans yet but I think we will hang out again. Thanks for the input!

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