Guys So I'm that type of girl that is srrounded by friends who can get I guy But nothing ever work out for me no guy wants to be with me what do I do?

I mean is there anything specific that I can do to look attractive I mean Ok i can't change how I look but boys what r u looking in women but don't tell me to be myself or confident that shit doesn't work for me. I want to get a guy's attention and I want him to want me. What the hell can I do. I don't mind being dirty or doing whatever I want him to want to make out with me so bad. What the fuck my last relationship ended and im fucking depressed all I want is a guy that would make me feel better. I just want help. I want to get his attention because I always seem to mess up everything good in my life. All I want is for him to want me is that too much to ask for. HELP PLEASE?


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  • Take some time and enjoy being single

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