Is dating dead?

I have recently read several articles in the paper and also spoken with many older people and asked them why it is that dating doesn’t seem to be very big in New Zealand? (This is the country I live in, I am an immigrant from central Europe) The reply has generally been the same, ie women either just want sex or the other extreme, they don’t have the confidence.

I am good looking, have loads of money, funny, confident, polite, etc... I used to never have problems getting a date in Europe, but here the women are different. They never say no; instead they just don’t turn up or change their minds a few hours beforehand.

Is it like this in other countries as well; is dating dead?

Do women these days only want sex and what’s up with all this group outings?

I understand being nervous and wanting to bring a friend or two at first but I mean seriously.


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  • It's more like women are afraid of being taken advantage of. It's men who just want sex and women know this. Mostly all women want a relationship unless her last relationship left a horrible impression on them and she doesn't care to have another relationship because of her last one.

    The group outings is usually a safety precaution. It takes a lot to willing out with a guy that you just met by yourself. I personally couldn't go on a date with someone that didn't know by myself until I felt comfortable with him. Once I do start to feel that comfort then I would opt for a more classic style of dating. But everything takes time and if you like her then I think you should be willing to take advantage of that time.


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