Question for Eurasian girls (Half White, Half Asian), would you ever date a Mexican or any Hispanic/Latin American man?

While I definitely find pure-blooded Asian women attractive, there something about Eurasian women that I find them even more attractive (not because of their White/European side alone). It's the beautifu racial mixture between White European and Asian. They just have this sexy unique look.

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  • They are mostly beautiful, can have their pick and they mostly prefer White guys and little less Asian guys as is the nature of partner selection. Unless you really stand out among the Hispanic crowd as a man of worth, I wouldn't be chasing random Eurasian girls. Just going by race, slim, slim chance...


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  • I'm Eurasian. And I do not judge who I do or don't date based on their nationality.

  • Eurasian girls aren't just "half white" I understand that "white people" would usually come from England in Europe making them European, but European can branch off to Spanish, French, Italian etc

    Anyway, Im a Eurasian girl and yeah, of course why not? I think they're lovely and hot :)

  • I'm Eurasian and Latina at the same time, so, yea, I would.

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