Girls: If you had to choose, which one of these guys would you most like to date?

Why? And you can only choose one. Also, which one of these guys would be at the bottom of your list. And why?

  • The sexy guy
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  • The funny guy
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  • The smart guy
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  • The kind/sweet guy
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  • The romantic guy
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  • The charming guy
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  • Other/see results
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Well done to anonymous male for being sensitive. Lol. Guess you shouldn't have been stupid I'm the first place.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Why isn't there a all of the above option :/ ?

    • Because it says "you can only choose one".

Most Helpful Guy

  • Where's the rich guy huh? lololol

    • I don't believe rich is a personality trait

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    • Are you a cunt?

    • Wait don't answer that it's not necessary. hahaha

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What Girls Said 3

  • Kind and sweet has a little of every answer. If he is sweet he is probably a bit romantic, and romantic and if he is kind he is probably smart because being an asshole doesn't require much thinking. Funny comes in the package, it is really important. Knowing how to make a girl laugh is key. And the sexy portion... it depends.
    I prefer a cute not so sexy guy with the past cualities that a sexy brainless guy. Anyways, if he has everything and he is sexy anybody is gonna complain.

  • From the most desireable to the least:

    Kind/sweet (because if he isn't kind and sweet to me, all his other traits do nothing for me)
    Sexy (just don't think being sexy is that important)

  • thanks for what you said to that anon male lol

    im sick of these bitter ******* trying to talk crap about women just because they can't get near them


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't understand. Are the girls of this site choosing totally one-dimensional cardboard cutouts? If she chooses, say, the "smart guy", is she choosing a man who is not at all funny, romantic, sexy, etc? Or is he just average in those areas?

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