New guy new feelings?

Basically. Been dating this guy the past month. And im starting to worry it doesn't feel as it did with my ex.
I mean i still get the butterflies, count down til i see him and really happy around him. It just doesn't feel as passionate as I've had before?
Im not sure if its because i shouldn't compare nearly a year long relationship to a new one as things are starting out.
Or because he's completely different. I mean the ex was irrationally angry, liked playing games and rarely would even act like we were together, selfish to the point if we wanted to go anywhere even food shopping id have to take us there and pay for both of us and whatever else he decided he wanted, and the new one is really laid back, tells me how he feels, really understanding, pays for everything himself, feels guilty even planning a date for us if i have to drive and just generally a happy person that the feelings are going to be different?


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  • Stick with the new guy, don't compare because there isn't even a comparison!!! Last summer I was in a relationship that the guy was like that, he was a tool and a jerk, the guy I'm with now I've been with a year and he's sweet and kind and pays for everything! At fort I was iffy about it because of the relationship I just got out of, but it has been the best year of my life!!! It just takes a little adjustment because you're not used to that! Id give it 3 months and if you still aren't crazy about him, I'd say forget it... But really, try!!!

    • You were right.. we have been working at it. he really is amazing, even though we still have our tiffs about my lack of trust and i can't picture a weekend without him in. Just really dont know how to tell him that as he knows not to talk about feelings as it scares me. Just want him to know though but can't figure how

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