Girls, Which guy do you prefer of them to be your boyfriend?

  • The guy who always makes you happy/smile
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  • The guy who is always kind to you
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I'm a Girl
This looks same but the A guy will not be kind to you like B do and the B guy will not make you happy like A do. so choose who is better for you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I see what you did there. I was confused. I thought him making me happy will be an everyday thing until I read your update. I chose A but now I choose B

    • Yes, this is bit confusing to some girls, i should have add another guy who makes you happy and be kind to you equally lol

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What Girls Said 4

  • how is he going to make me happy/smile if he is not going to be kind to me? lol this is stupid

    • No, he is kind but not as much as the the other guy but he still can make you happy better. being kind is not the only way to make you happy.

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    • so back to my first point. this is stupid haha

    • Believe whatever you want to... :)

  • Those are definitely the same...

  • I feel like those are basically the same.

  • He can't make me happy if he isn't kind sooo? lol, they're the same.

    • In reality maybe he can but in this case unfortunately he can't, sorry lol

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