Does this guy really like me?

I know this question might sound a bit silly but I thought I'd ask anyway. So I went to a dinner event 4 weeks ago and met quite a few people there. A random guy and his friends from another table came over to introduce themselves and we were all cheering them on. Anyway, the guys later on left and I continued talking to my friends. Towards the end of the night, the hostess came over to me and said that the guy who had come over to introduce himself had asked her if he could have my number and whether I was single. I was quite surprised. The hostess said the guy had been shy and that she had asked him to come to one of the other events.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later and I went to another event, which was quite a major one. The hostess turned to me and said she saw the guy who had asked for my number. Another girl said that he and his friends had been following us through the crowd.

Does it sound like this guy might be seriously into me or am I looking it too much? Could it have been a coincidence that he showed up at the 2nd event?


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  • It does sound like you got his attention that's pretty obvious


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