Should I dumb my boyfriend because I lost interest even tho he'll do anything for me?

he's been my best friend for 5 years but i love him better as a best friend then a boyfriend
he'll do anything for me but i can't help that i lost interest

i broke up with my boyfriend for a stupid reason and i want him we still talk like when we were just friends but im scared that he will move on i want him to believe that i will never break up with him for a stupid reason again and i'll stay honest and tell him everything but when we talk I don't know if he still loves me or not its messed up signals for me i see him everyday at school and i'm always thinking of a good reason to talk to him but i got nothing Help


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  • No, you shouldn't I think. Understand that those sparkly feelings won't exist forever. The dynamic you described is bound to happen. Unless you're not looking for a lasting relationship, you're never going to be satisfied if you keep dumping guys once the honeymoon phase has expired.

    Spice up your sex life, go out on dates, like you used to when you were first dating. That may help somewhat.


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  • yes why force yourself i know you feel like you might miss out but the reason for dating is if you actually like the person (in my opinion)