I look young for my age and it's affecting me dating, how to help?

I'm almost 30 but I look 18. Usually I would be happy but I think it affects me meeting girls. When I try to talk to girls my age they think I'm a high school student flirting and promptly avoid me even if I say my age they don't believe me. Girls talk to me sometimes that are 18 and ask what school I go to and when I say I graduated they are like oh what college you going to, I say I graduated 12 years ago, they get creeped out because they thought I was 18. I don't want to date girls that young I want to get attention from girls mabye 25 and older. I've tried growing a beard and it didn't help with the age confusion.

I'm lost as how to fix this I can't change myself.


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  • Find a cougar. I love younger men, but would not be upset to find out he's older.

    • I would date someone your age not much older than me anyway

    • Oh I go to 18-39

    • Any chance you could share a photo of yourself, I'm really curious about you especially after your thread having trouble meeting guys like I am for girls, you could PM me if you want and my photo is in the thread here.

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  • Own it. The chances are you may maintain a youthful appearance and age a lot better than most guys.


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